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Chuck Norris Split | Viral Video | Digital Marketing Campaign

Eat your heart out Van Damme

Thought no one could top Volvo and Jean-Claude Van Damme’s ‘epic split’? You were wrong.

With a little help from his good friend CGI, Chuck Norris has recreated Van Damme’s viral video, doing the splits between two jets while balancing a human Christmas of 11 soldiers on his shoulders.

Since it was uploaded yesterday, the viral video has already had over 3 million views.

Unfortunately, the amazing clip isn’t real – Hungarian animation firm Delov Digital made the parody video to celebrate the holidays.

However, in light of the other things Chuck Norris has done (Mount Everest used to be 400,000 feet until Chuck Norris round house kicked it) this stunt really isn’t that awesome after all!

Lucio Ribeiro is Online Circle Digital’s lead strategist. You can find him at @lucio_ribeiro, or

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