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Facebook Infographic | How Long Do You Think You Will Actively Use Facebook?


Facebook report


People ask me all the time. Will Facebook be here in a few years?

A report by NBC Universal called “The Curve Report” shows that among Facebook users, many people believe that social networking is here to stay. 43% say they cannot imagine a future in which the site is not part of their lives.

When it comes to the role of Facebook in human relationships, the opinions are clearly divided. 52% believe that social networking helped deepen relationships; 48% believed it weakened them. 43% think Facebook is creating a global humanitarian movement; 57%, believe it is creating an epidemic of privacy.

However the most interesting figure, 52% say Facebook is where they go to learn about brands, while 48% say it is where brands got to learn about consumers. What side are you on? ;-)

Facebook Infographic - For how long will Facebook be relevant?

Lucio Ribeiro is Online Circle Digital’s lead strategist. You can find him at @lucio_ribeiro, or

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