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Pepsi | The Facebook Like Machine | Digital Marketing Case

Pepsi | The Facebook Like Machine |Digital Marketing Case

On Wednesday, Ali wrote about a Digital Marketing Case for Coca-Cola – The Small World Machines.

Today I introduce to you yet another digital marketing case in the soda wars - The Pepsi Facebook like Machine.

It’s interesting to see these two FMCG giants both using vending machines as a key marketing tool in their digital strategy.

Pepsi wanted to create a new way of sampling. An easy way to engage with consumers and know who is liking and drinking their product at the same time. As a result, Pepsi created the Pepsi Facebook Like Machine. And guess what? People really liked it.

The vending machine that doesn’t want your cash, it just wants your Facebook Like.

Lucio Ribeiro is The Online Circle's web strategist. You can follow him on @lucio_ribeiro, find him on or

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