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Pinterest | Social Media Platform Redesign

Social Media Platform Redesign


Pinterest rolled out a new design on Monday. The changes are subtle yet effective in reducing white space between pin boards and improving their navigation options.


New news feed:




Old news feed:




Among the major changes, Pinterest also broke ties with Twitter by removing the hashtag function.

Added changes:

  • Images are now larger with a high focus on image detail. New width 735 pixels (previously 600).
  • Categories are now located on the far left next to the search tool.
  • New red pin it button when hovering over pins.
  • Comments no longer appear at the bottom of pins on the home page, the pin must now be opened to comment.
  • Website button – when clicking on a pin and enlarging it, you will have the option to go directly to the pins website.
  • Settings page – user control is heightened via a host of new settings including the ability to be notified via email when pins are made.


Removed features:

  • No more hashtags.
  • Pin and tweet can no longer be done at the same time.
  • 160-character profile description limit, reduced from 200.
  • Like boards on Facebook has been removed.
  • Links can no longer be left in comments or descriptions. Only profile linking to your website or social profile are allowed.


New analytics include:



  1. How many pins are generated from your site.
  2. Re-pins, impressions, reach and clicks for those pins.
  3. Most recent, repined and clicked pins for your site.
  4. Number of pins from your site over time and unique pinners.
  5. Number re-pins from your site over time and unique pinners.
  6. Number of impressions of those pins over time and related reach.
  7. Number of clicks on those pins over time and related unique visitors.
  8. You can see pins from your domain filtered by most recent, most repined and most clicked pins. The pins are laid out in the same casual format as Pinterest’s feed and category page. You can export the data to a .csv file.





Lucio Ribeiro is Online Circle Digital’s lead strategist. You can find him at @lucio_ribeiro, or

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