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Twitter | How to Use Twitter Ads Self Service

Twitter Ads Now Open to All U.S. Users

On the 30th of April 2013, Twitter announced that Twitter ads would be open to all U.S. users. This is possible through the launch of their new self-service ad platform. In the past, advertisers had to be invited to use Twitter ads. They also had to spend a minimum amount of money per quarter.

Following the launch of Twitter’s self-service ad platform, any small business with a small marketing budget can use Twitter’s ad platform to improve their Twitter presence. But the introduction of this new advertising system is not just good news for small businesses. Digital marketing agencies will also benefit from the launch.

To find out how to use Twitter Ads Self Service, view the Slideshare presentation below, created by Online Circle.


Lucio Ribeiro is The Online Circle's web strategist. You can follow him on @lucio_ribeiro, find him on or

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